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Vulture Shaman

Vulture Shaman

Vulture Shaman

HP 5
DMG 1~2
Location Mountains (North Area)

The Vulture Shaman is a enemy that can be found in the North area. While similar to the Vulture Acolyte, they are much larger and use a staff to launch projectiles and attack their enemies.


This creature has two types of attack.

The first attack is ranged, consisting of three projectiles each dealing 1 DMG this attack has a cooldown time of about 2 seconds.

The second one is a closer range attack consisting of a purple square that detonates after a brief delay, dealing 2 DMG to everything in it.


The ranged attack that the Vulture Shaman uses can be parried and returned to the Shaman. The square attack can be dashed out of with 1 dash, it can also deal damage to enemies inside the area, so it can be used to kill weaker enemies like Vultures and Vulture Acolytes.

Since it only has 5 HP, a close range shotgun blast will kill it in one hit. Be careful of its close range attack as it will still hit you even after you kill it.

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