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Vulture Hermit
Vulture Hermit Idle
Name Vulture Hermit (This is a conjectural name.)
Species Bird
Location Hatchery (North Zone)

The Vulture Hermit can be found in a secret zone within the Mountains. He lives alone, caring for several young birds.


This Hermit is a dispirited avian whose people were slaughtered by an opposing group of Vultures that follow The Hierophant. Found in the Mountains area's Hatchery, he tells the player his story.

Lore and Story Analysis

Extract from the Monoliths found in the Northern region, see more here.

At first, the Bird People lived a peaceful tribal life steeped heavily in religion and ceremonies. However, an upstart religious fanatic, the zone BossIcon Boss known as The Hierophant, preaches a new religion. This new religion focuses on religious sacrifices: by sacrificing on the altars, this religion likely gains many supposed benefits. They are willing to sacrifice anything, even their own young.

This new religion is founded on fanaticism and violence, and slowly, all the birds who stick to the old ways are killed. All, except one. An old priest gathers what eggs he can, and flees the monastery. Founding a small haven for the mountainside to raise the young. He is still there, protecting his little pocket of innocence.