Vulture Acolyte

Acolyte Portrait

Acolyte Idle

HP 2
Location Mountains (North Area)

The Vulture Acolyte is a enemy found in the Mountains.


This creature uses a leap that can get it over small edges, and a beam attack that deals 2 DMG after approximately 2 seconds of charge time.


Due to its low health, it can usually be killed before it can use its beam attack, but be careful. It can be tricked into jumping off ledges or onto falling platforms as an alternative to close combat.

Using the Slash Dash ability is an easy way to clear these out, as it deals 2 DMG, killing them in one hit. It can also kill multiples of them, making it especially efficient in group battles. The beam attack is avoided while using the Slash Dash, but only for a small period of time.

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