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Vulture (2)

Vulture Walking

HP 1
Location Mountains (North Area)

Vultures are regular enemies found in the Mountains. They are a lesser version of their counterpart, the Vulture Acolyte, and lack their seemingly magical powers. However, the purple particles they emit when attacking imply that they are using more than just physical strength when they fight,


The Vulture cannot be hit by melee attacks while it is flying, but is vulnerable when swooping down to attack. Vultures can be hit while flying by ranged attacks from the Pistol. Its attack does 1 DMG.


Vultures die in one hit and are easy to dispatch in small numbers. However, when grouped, they can become a problem.

Shoot them with the pistol or time a sword swing as they dive. If dealing with large numbers, some combination of the two may be necessary.

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