Titan Vista
Titan Vista
Location Mountains

The second area found within the Mountains, the Titan Vista boasts an impressive view of a massive creature clinging to a far-off mountainside. It is the first place one can encounter the Vulture enemy, seen here walking to and fro and waiting for some unsuspecting stranger. Additionally, a small throng of Dirks seem to have gathered behind some distant structures. They could simply be there by coincidence, or they might be posted to defend the area from a secret; one that hides away in a dark corner behind them...




Detailed Collect

  • Gearbit 1: The first is found by activating a small switch tucked away inside the large structure, to the right after first entering the area.
  • Gearbit 2: The second gearbit is dropped by one of the Dirks crowded in front of the entrance to a mysterious cavern.
  • Health Kit: To the left from the south entrance, the crate is found in a small pocket beneath the group of Vultures, marked by a small symbol.

Detailed Map

Titan Vista

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Titan Vista Details

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