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The Summoner BossIcon

The Summoner

Alucard Idle

HP 40
Zone Barren Hills (South Zone)
Reward 3 Gearbits

The Summoner is a mini boss found in the Barren Hills. It is a mechanical creature with a glowing orange eye and chest cavity.


Node Summon
  • Upon spawning, The Summoner releases 5 nodes around itself that fire projectiles in bursts.
  • Each projectile deals 1 DMG.
  • Nodes can be destroyed, having 2 HP each.
  • Projectiles can be deflected with the Sword Deflection sword ability.
Node Command
  • Opening its chest, The Summoner activates more nodes to replace any destroyed, then orders them to fire at will, prompting a volley of projectiles in true bullet hell style at The Drifter.
Tackle Charge
  • The Summoner flies toward The Drifter, knocking into them.
  • Deals 1 DMG.


It is recommended that you use a Rifle and the shield upgrade for the Sword to defeat The Summoner.

The stone boxes in the lower middle of the arena can be used for cover when necessary; however, you can stand in the corner opposite The Summoner so that its projectile spread out and can more easily be dodged. This will also cause it to wind up in a corner when it charges. When it does so, you should drift to the opposite corner to put as much distance between the two of you.

The Sword shield ability can be used to safely navigate the arena and absorb energy to fire back across the arena with the Rifle. 

A well-placed, carefully timed Charge Attack can quickly dispatch newly summoned nodes, as they all spawn in a small area around The Summoner while it remains stationary. 


The Roly Poly can be used to easily destroy all the drones in one attack, which will also conveniently complete the "Nice Shot!" Achievement.

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