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The Emperor BossIcon

The Toad King

Toad king small sprite

HP 50
Zone Lake (East Zone)
Reward • 3 Gearbits

The Emperor or Toad King can be found in the East area of the map.

Visually, the Emperor is similar to the Toad enemies fought throughout the Lake, but it dwarfs them in size. It wears Otter skins, and the right side of its body is covered in algae. When the Drifter first encounters the Emperor, they witness it devour an Otter.

The Emperor is responsible for the Toad invasion in the recent past and the ensuing butchering of Otters.


Flame Jar Toss
  • Deals 2 DMG per jar.
  • This is The Emperor's first attack.
  • The Emperor will throw the jars containing pink flames at the player and at random places.
Ground Pound
  • Deals 2 DMG.
  • When the player comes close, The Emperor will smash the ground with its fists, damaging all around it.
Plant Beastling Spew
  • The Emperor will expel from its mouth 2 Plant Beastlings that explode upon death.
  • Explosions from the deaths of Plant Beastlings can damage the boss for 2 DMG each.
  • At lower HP, The Emperor will vomit 3 Plant Beastlings instead of 2.
  • If caught in an explosion, The Emperor will fall over, stunned.
Toad King Leap
  • Deals 2 DMG.
  • The boss will jump towards the player, landing on or around them.
  • Jumps three times or so, then crouches and shakes for a good 3 seconds before returning to the top of the platform, prompting The Drifter to attack.


When The Emperor is in its Flame Jar Toss stage, the player can stand just outside its melee range to avoid the jars. When doing so, The Emperor will either throw the jars past the player or over its shoulder. This is a good time to do some damage by shooting.

When The Emperor reels back before vomiting, the player can usually get in 3 hits before it vomits, and 3 hits after (a final hit can be made as he winds up to punch). When doing so be careful to mind its vomit by standing to either of its sides; however don't worry too much about getting hit by it as it only deals 1 DMG.

Once he begins to leap around, the best thing to do is to avoid it and kill the Plant Beastlings when able. Killing the plant beastlings will make them explode. The explosions will stun The Emperor. If The Emperor is stunned, the player can get in 3 hits while he's down and another 3 hits as it gets up.


  • The player can use a exploit to easily defeat The Emperor. To achieve the exploit the player must lock The Emperor in his Flame Jar Toss stage by running up to him getting in 2 hits then dashing back before he swipes and then continuing this pattern.

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