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The Drunk
Drunkard Idle
Name The Drunk (This name is conjectural.)
Species Blue-Skinned (This is a speculative statement.)
Location Central Town

The Drunk is a Non-Playable Character that can be found east of the Tech Shop. He informs you of his story.

Lore & Story Analysis

The presence of The Drunk, another blue-skinned humanoid, leads to further speculation about the townsfolk and the blue-skinned species.

These days, he sits on the east of Town, and when you speak to him he tells of how the villagers beat him and left him for dead. It is believed that this is because they have some knowledge of what the blue-skinned species did in the past, during the War with the Racoon people.

Maybe this is the reason why The Drifter covers his face, perhaps the villagers don't beat The Drifter because he is a skilled warrior. Or perhaps they don't because he was saved by The Guardian, the one they respect. Maybe it's a mixture of all of the above, or maybe they simply robbed him because he was carrying a sack of (presumably) salvage/loot.



  • In his story, he was supposedly attacked by The Bandit.
  • The Drunk might be the same species as The Drifter.