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The Archer BossIcon

Archer Portrait

Benny Walking

HP 45
Zone Barren Hills (South Zone)
Reward • 3 Gearbits

The Archer is the Boss of the Barren Hills.


Arrow Shot
  • Deals 1 DMG per arrow.
  • The boss fires any number of arrow at the player wherever they are standing at that moment.
  • Can be deflected with the Sword Deflection sword ability.
Triple Shot
  • Deals 1 DMG per arrow.
  • The Archer fires three very fast arrows from its bow wherever the player is standing at that moment.
  • It repeats this 3 times in quick succession if the player is far away.
  • Can be deflected with the Sword Deflection sword ability.
Volley Mines
  • Deals 2 DMG per explosion.
  • Pointing skyward, the boss lets loose 4 proximity mines around itself.
  • The pattern where the mines land can either be in a square or diamond formation.
  • Mines explode in a diamond formation.
  • The mines can be triggered to explode by dashing over her.


The Archer can be a challenging fight, avoiding all the land-mines that build up. However, methods can be used to deal with the mines and make the fight easy.

The mines can be triggered by stepping close and dashing away. However, a good strategy is to wait until you absolutely cannot avoid the mines anymore, before using a Roly Poly to detonate a bunch at once from a distance, and also potentially sneak in some damage on the boss.

This will clear a massive portion of the mines all at once, and is reasonably risk-free.

You can also take advantage of the boss stopping to shoot her mines to land up to six sword hits on them.


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