Shrine Path Ambush
Shrine Path 2
Location Mountains
description // rifle switch // snowstorm and wind



Detailed Collect

  • Gearbit 1: Upon first entering, climb the left staircase to the first flight. Then at the small symbol traced in the snow, jump down to the ledge below. The gearbit is in its crate to the left of the switch on the ground.
  • Gearbit 2: This gearbit is held by one of the Vulture Acolytes near the northern entrance.
  • Gearbit 3 - REQUIRES RIFLE: Upon first entering, hug the wall around the stone to the right. Activate the sniper switch across the gorge, and follow the path to the first wall ladder. Instead of using the ladder, jump across to the left and along the columns to the crate.

Detailed Map

Shrine Path 2

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Shrine Ambush Details

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