Roly Poly
Ammo Slots 1 (+1 After Upgrade)
DMG 3 (AoE)
Obtained by Sold in The Tech Shop
Upgrade cost • (1st) 2 Gearbit packs
• (2nd) 3 Gearbit packs

The Roly Poly is a grenade that The Drifter can roll across the ground and will, a second later, explode. When attempting to throw a Roly Poly in Central Town, the Drifter will throw an unknown purple object onto the ground.

It has a large explosion range and deals 3 DMG to all enemies within its range. It can not hit enemies if they are behind a wall or pillar and the explosion is on the other side. It recharges over time (70 seconds ea.) but the charge time can be decreased with one of the Orange outfit pieces.

You can purchase the Roly Poly's from The Tech Shop, one for 2 Gearbit packs and another for 3.


In the early stages the Roly Poly was originally a tiny explosive weapon that would seek out enemies before detonating.

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