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Robot Spider

Spiderbot 3


HP 1
Location All Sections

Robot Spiders are small, critteresque robots that usually fall from the ceiling and attack in groups. There are a few located just outside the walls of the Central Town, when going to one of the four areas. They also appear in the lightless dungeons of the Mountains and the Crystal Forest. They can regularly be seen in some dungeons in the Barren Hills.

Additionally, they have a small chance to randomly spawn when breaking crates.

Upon running out of ammo for the Pistol in the tutorial dungeon during the gun segment, a spider is spawned to recharge ammo.


With only 1 HP, they are an easy enemy to deal with alone but can prove to be a problem when fought in large groups. Using an attack that can kill many at once (such as the Charge Attack and the Roly Poly) will easily deal with them.

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