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Plant Beastling

Flower mimic 2

Plant Beastling

HP 1
DMG 1~2
Location Lake (East Area)

Plant Beastlings are weak plant-like creatures found throughout the Lake. When first encountered, a Plant Beastling resembles one of the bushes found in the area. They look and act like diminutive Plant Beasts.


Plant Beastlings masquerade as bushes until the Drifter comes close. Once activated, they run towards the Drifter and attack, dealing one DMG. Approximately 1.5 seconds after dying, a Plant Beastling detonates, dealing 2 damage to any creatures close to it.


While in bush form, Plant Beastlings are vulnerable to the Roly Poly and other ranged attacks.

It is not necessary to kill these when you have other enemies to kill; they are easily avoidable if you continue to move. This creature's self-destruction can be used to the player's advantage. Apart from dealing 2 DMG to you, it can deal 2 DMG to other enemies, effectively being a smaller Roly Poly.

In BossIcon The Emperor boss fight especially, where detonating a Plant Beastling close to it will knock it down, allowing you to get some free hits in or take a moment to heal.


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