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Plant Beast

Plant Beast

Plant Beast

HP 6
Location Lake (East Area)
The Plant Beast is an enemy found in the Lake. They are a powerful enemy by themselves and can be very deadly when confronted in groups.

While similar to the Plant Beastling, they are much larger and lack permanent legs. Instead, vines will sprout from the ground to carry its body towards the player.


The Plant Beast will open its maw and charge towards The Drifter. While the Plant Beast is charging, it turns black and cannot be harmed.

This charge attack is its only attack and it deals 2 DMG.


Kiting the Plant Beast is the best strategy. Getting hit by the it will result in the player getting knocked down and attacked again before the player can dash again.

Dashing away just before the Plant Beast attacks sets up the player to get a melee attack or two in before the Plant Beast can attack again. Weaving in pistol shots is important for keeping distance. Remember to wait until it finishes its attack; it is impossible to do damage to it while it is charging.

The Plant Beast "locks on" to the player's location when it turns black. Dashes must be timed right as the plant beast turns black in order to successfully dodge them. The window for this is very small (approx. 0.2~3 seconds) and it will take some getting used to.

Note: before the Plant Beasts spawn, they will show up as a small inconspicuous flower on the ground.


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