Ammo Slots 6 (+3 After Upgrade)
Obtained by Outset (loot)
Upgrade cost 2 Gearbit packs

The Pistol is the first gun that the player recieves.

It is found in the starter area on a Shadow Corpse. The pistol holds up to 6 ammo slots by default, and 9 with the ammo Upgrade; each shot dealing 1 DMG.

It fires one shot at a time but can fire multiple if you rapidly press the fire button.


A common strategy used with the Pistol is to fire it and then immediately use your sword because it cancels the small amount of ending lag after the bullet has been shot.

Alternating Pistol shots and slashes allows you to maximize damage while also keeping your ammo count full because each sword slash on an enemy gives you another Pistol shot.


Animation Canceling Guide by Shippskye

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