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Ninja Toad


Ninja Idle

HP 2
Location Lake (West Area)


The Ninja Toad throws shuriken as a projectile, and may spawn by jumping out of nearby water.


The Ninja Toads may cause problems with their projectiles, so using the ability to throw their ranged attacks back to them with your sword is the best way to deal with them. Another way of fighting them is to get close enough to kill them in two strikes.

While this method also works, Ninja Toads will often try to escape you in order to keep firing shurikens.

Note: as they can stand on water, the AI will sometimes lead them offscreen to never return. If you are in a close fight (where you need to kill all enemies to be able to leave), this can sometimes force you to kill yourself in order to restart at the beginning of the zone.


An Otter Prisoner can be found in the building above the Lake waypoint that explains where the Toad People come from. The Otterperson says that the Toads recently invaded their city and began to hunt the Otter People for food.

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