Location North Zone of World

The Mountains, also called the North and the Crystal Cliffs, are the northern area of the world of Hyper Light Drifter. The Mountains are a collection of snowy mountaintops, abandoned structures, and underground cave systems. The area is inhabited by the Bird People, a tribe of Vultures.

The Vultures, Vulture Acolytes, and Vulture Shamans are enemies exclusive to this area, and the Boss is the BossIcon The Hierophant.

Lore and Story Analysis

Extract from the Monoliths found in the Northern region, see more here.

At first, the Bird People lived a peaceful tribal life steeped heavily in religion and ceremonies. However, an upstart religious fanatic, the zone BossIcon Boss known as The Hierophant, preaches a new religion. Slowly, this new cult gains momentum and, in a midnight coup, takes over the monastery.





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