Leaper Idle

HP 7
DMG 1~2
Location All Sections

The Leaper can be found in multiple areas.


This scary, tall creature attacks using 2 forms of attack. The first is an attack in which it will jump up and attempt to land on the player, dealing 2 DMG if hit. This is extremely easy to avoid, and it is possible for the Leaper to jump into pits.

The second attack is a short range slash, which he will attempt if the Drifter gets too close, it will deal 1 DMG.

When not jumping or slashing, the Leaper will slowly lumber towards the Drifter. It does not move when unprovoked.


Both of the Leaper's attacks are easily avoidable by dashing away before he attacks.

The best strategy to kill these is to wait until they leap towards you, then go directly up to it and use the Shotgun to deal 5 DMG. Directly afterwards use your Sword to deal 2 DMG, killing it. If you are late on the initial shotgun hit, then you may only be able to get one sword hit in before the slash attack.

A variation can be applied if you are low on ammunition, or just want to use hit. Wait for it to leap and land, then use the Slash Dash ability to deal 2 DMG (this will recharge your guns). The attack will knock the HP down to 5 allowing you to use the Shotgun to kill the Leaper.


The Leaper went through two different versions in earlier builds: The first version could only jump, and the second version had the ability to dash away from falling platforms.


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