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The Jackal
Name Anubis (This name is conjectural.)
Species Divinity (This is a speculative statement.)
Location None

The Jackal or Anubis, God of Death and The Underworld, is an integral character in the story of Hyper Light Drifter.

Lore & Story Analysis

Not a lot is known about this Jackal, other than that its power was stolen by Judgment. Anubis still retains some power, but due to the nature of its relationship with Judgment and The Immortal Cell, its power is tainted and diminished.

For we see Anubis is still locked in a battle with Judgment for control of The Wellspring (The power of a God). They are intertwined and constantly at war. Being unable to win without outside intervention, Anubis reaches out and selects individuals (our Drifter and The Guardian) it deems worthy and skilled enough to help him achieve his aims.

Anubis needs drifters to destroy the Immortal Cell, so it can't resurrect the Titans, destroy the world and permanently steal its power. He guides them through visions of the crystal lying in the depths of the Abyss.