North3-1 - NPCHatchery
Location Decaying Cliffside / Mountains
A hidden passage within a mountain, this room cuts through to the other side of a mountain, giving an early view of the surrounding scenery.

This also happens to be the hidden abode of the Vulture Hermit, who stands among his group of friendly birds. Upon careful inspection, one can see that he still cares for the birds he rescued that are depicted in his conversation with the Drifter; the red tent covers a few precious eggs, while the yellow shelter hides two small infant avians.



Detailed Collect

  • Gearbit 1: The first gearbit is very easily missed and can be quite unnoticeable to the untrained eye. The crate holding the gearbit just barely visible behind the bushes on the left upon entering, with just a few pixels of its corner sticking out.
  • Health Kit: Often mistaken as scenery, this Health Kit is hidden inside of a wooden crate to the left of the first climbing ledge.
  • Gearbit 2 and Monolith: In the small pocket below the stairs leading to the Hermit is a small symbol marking the entrance to a tiny area holding both collectables.

Detailed Map

North3-1 - NPCHatchery

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Hatchery Details

↓                                                                                            to Decaying Cliffside                                                                                          

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