Gap Hallway
Gap Hallway
Location Mountains
descrption // pre finale // vultures in wait // scattered blocks



Detailed Collect

  • Gearbit 1: Following the initial path around the first blocks, a gearbit is dropped by Vulture Shaman.
  • Key: Before continuing into the next room, locate the small symbol marking invisible platforms. These will lead you to crates containing one Health Crate. Upon destroying these, one can see small tiles leading into another room. The key is on a shadow corpse behind a wall of receding pillars, which retract upon activating the nearby ?switch?.
  • Gearbit 2: After locating the key, stand next to the shadow corpse in which the Drifter would be positioned behind the receding pillars that were retracted to access the corpse. Shoot the ?switch? with a ranged weapon, seemingly locking the Drifter inside. At the tiny tile against the wall, another set of unseen pillars should have now retracted and made a small entrance to the next room over. In this small ledge lies another gearbit and--thankfully--a ?switch? to open the first set of retracting pillars.



At the Vulture Shaman in the southeast corner, the camera becomes locked until the enemies in this part are defeated. When they are defeated, the platforms will materialize and allow the Drifter to continue. However, before they are defeated, the Drifter is able to jump to the next solid platform in the upwards-left direction. Though the Drifter immediately becomes untraceable because the camera remains locked, it is possible to continue to the next room.