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Elder Lizard
Elder Lizard
Name Elder Lizard (This is a conjectural name.)
Species Lizard
Location Barren Hills (South Zone)

The Elder Lizard can be found at the Lizard Camp.


The Elder Lizard tells us the story of how his tribe rediscovered an elevator down into the labs, where they explored foolishly until they accidentally caused the release of a cybernetic life form, that killed a few of them as they scattered.

Retreating to the surface, the lizards now live a meagre existence, sometimes eating their own tails to make ends meet.

Lore and Story Analysis

Extract from the Monoliths found in the Southern region, see more here.

The races living on this land had a deep set desire to advance. However, their obsession was hubris and unhealthy and resulted in them giving up their faith and morals in search of a greater God, in machines and technology.

They succeeded, creating artificial and cybernetic life, and all the tanks in the lab below the desert can confirm. (The noninteractive machines and cyborgs, Bladebots, Dirks, Leapers, Robot Spiders...and of course, the area BossIcon bosses.)