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Dirk Rifleman

Goblin Rifleman


HP 2
DMG 1 (Ranged)
Location All Sections

The Dirk Rifleman is a Dirk with a long range rifle. They wear clothing with small plates of armor on their shoulders, and are a common enemy in all major areas of the game.


When unprovoked, the Dirk Rifleman stays immobile until it spots The Drifter. Upon first sight, the Rifleman will walk towards its target or fire at it if they're in a line of sight. The Dirk Rifleman fires slow moving projectiles that deal 1 DMG. The accuracy of their bullets often deviates and can miss their in many cases.

There are two variants of Riflemen: Purple and Green. Purple Riflemen are completely stationary and do not move around on their own, while Green Riflemen will walk around and follow the player.


Due to their low health, the Rifleman is a fairly easy enemy to deal with alone or in small numbers. It is recommended to either shoot at them from long range or avoid their bullets until you are in close range, in which you should attack with your sword. Many Abilities are also helpful, such as deflecting or absorbing bullets.

The ability Slash Dash is provided useful when trying to kill them. As when you dash you avoid is bullets and kill it within one hit. Along with not only dealing damage to the Rifleman but enemies that are around it.

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