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Dirk Gunman

Dirk Gunman


HP 12
DMG 1 (per bullet)
Location Barren Hills (South Zone)
Horde Arena

The Dirk Gunman is an enemy only found in the Horde Arena and Barren Hills (Behind the 8 ModuleIcon Module door).


The Dirk Gunman fire a series of 7 bullets, each dealing 1 DMG. The Dirk Gunman will aim at The Drifter then follow the player within a 90-degree arc. Moving outside this arc will result in the gunman trying to follow where you go. The cooldown for the bullet attack is approximately 2.5 seconds.


The best time to attack is during the cooldown. During this time you can flank around the gunman and use your Sword to get hits in or use the Shotgun.

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