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Crystal Spider


Crystal Spider

HP 1
Location Crystal Forest (West Area)

Crystal Spiders, as the name suggests, are spider creatures that can be found in the Crystal Forest. They're entirely made of Hard Light Crystal.


These creatures deal 1 DMG on impact, and only take 1 DMG to kill.

Spiders tend to plant themselves in the ground like a small crystal, but will then pop out to attack you. They usually are grouped together in small packs and will keep running at you until they are either killed or have landed a blow. Once a crystal spider attacks it will jump at you. If it hits you it will disappear and turn into a crystal around you leaving you vulnerable if you don't escape. Simply press any action button rapidly to break out.


The Spiders are very fast and dangerous in packs of enemies so it's best to lure them out first and deal with one or two at a time.

If you find some planted in the ground try attracting them out one at a time as it is easier to deal with them alone. If one or two is in a group try and pull the away from the other enemies, as they are faster, to get rid of them first before they immobilize you.

If they do immobilize you, rapidly pressing any action key, apart from the pause and inventory button, should get you out and give you enough time to dodge out the way of another attack. When stuck in a large group, it is easy to get hit multiple times if you're immobilized.


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