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Crystal Knight Pistoleer

Crystal Knight Pistoleer

Pistoleer Walking

HP 3
Location Crystal Forest (West Area)

The Crystal Knight Pistoleer is an enemy encountered in the Crystal Forest. They are Crystal Knights, but carry a gun and have 3 HP instead of 5 HP.


An NPC - the Raccoon Hermit - can be found in the Crystal Forest that describes the Raccoon Peoples' past. He describes them fighting in the apocalypse war, defending their city from the Titans.

However, the Pistoleers were defeated and frozen in Hard Light Crystal. Recently they have gotten out of their crystalline prisons and have begun to reclaim their city.


The Crystal Knight Pistoleers will shoot a round of 3 bullets each dealing 1 damage. These bullets are more accurate than the Dirk Riflemens. Between each round of bullets there is a cooldown time of 1.5 seconds.


An easy strategy to kill them is to use the Ability Slash Dash to go through them and deal 2 DMG. Directly afterwards turn around and hit them with your Sword, killing them.

Using the ability Sword Deflection you can use the three hit combo to reflect each bullet back. This method is inefficient because; usually one bullet misses, not the best option in group battles, and the bullets can hit other enemies leaving this one alive.

Having the ability Dash Shield will allow you to close in on the Pistoleers effectively and safely.

Note: the dash shield only appears when a bullet is relatively close to you, if you dash and end up going into a bullet the dash shield will not activate.

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