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Crystal Knight


Tanuki Swordsman Idle

HP 5
Location Crystal Forest (West Area)

Crystal Knights don heavy armor with small Hard Light Crystal stud on the shoulders, with a brown tunic over it and brandish swords tipped with Hard Light Crystal.

They are of a race of Raccoons.


An NPC - the Raccoon Hermit - can be found in the Crystal Forest that describes the Racoon Peoples' past. He describes them fighting in the apocalypse war, defending their city from the Titans.

However, the Pistoleers were defeated and frozen in Hard Light Crystal. Recently they have gotten out of their crystalline prisons and have begun to reclaim their city.


Crystal Knights can dodge bullets and perform lunging attacks. Note that the lunging attacks can reflect bullets.


Because of their large number of HP, Crystal Knights are not easily defeated in one engagement. It is recommended that you wait until after they attack to strike them twice, before drifting away and then returning after they attack to strike them three times to finish them off.

You can also shoot them to lower his health, and then dash in to finish them off.

Alternatively, if the charge attack is unlocked, one can get close to trigger the Knight's attack and dash away. There is enough time to then charge attack the Knight for a one hit kill.

The easiest way to kill Crystal Knights is using a Shotgun. When you first walk up to one you have enough time to walk directly up in front of one and pull the trigger. This will one shot the Crystal Knights if done correctly. Be careful though if you mistime their attack you can get hit with the shotgun bullets because of their ability to reflect bullets. While doing this it is possible to be too close to the Crystal Knight and shoot through them, resulting in the bullets not hitting.

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