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Crystal Forest
Location West Zone of World

The Crystal Forest is a biome on the West area of the map.

Often considered The West, the Western area is mainly floral, shrouded by trees and green scenery.

It is also filled with various green regenerative Hard Light Crystals—of which some of the weapons in the game, including the Drifter's sword, are presumably made of.

As explained by a survivor through 3 pictures, a war between other blue skinned humanoids similar to the drifter and collossi took place here a long time ago, leaving him as one of the only survivors but trapped in a hard light crystal as many of the combatants had been. Whether this is a malfunction of the technology they used or the collossi is unknown. Some time later he broke free, aged and alone, and has taken camp as he attempts to come to terms.

It is unknown if the others trapped in the crystals are still alive, but attempting to free them with the sword breaks the Crystal and the body into nothing. There is a House with a trapped resident encased in Crystal in this biome.

The crystals seem infectious, as the Drifter can become encased in them and the boss of the Crystal Forest becomes one itself. Various Crystal Beasts seem to be the outcome of being infected.




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