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Crystal Brute

Crystal Brute Sprite

Brute Walking

HP 9
DMG 1~2
Location Crystal Forest (West Area)

The Crystal Brute is a gargantuan enemy that can be found in the Crystal Forest.


The Crystal Brute has one main form of attack; slamming its fist down and creating crystal spikes. The line of spikes that come out of the initial circle deal 1 DMG, while the circle itself deals 2 DMG. If you are close to the brute when they attack it will try a second attack directly after the first (even if you get hit the first time then get knocked towards him).

This attack can be very dangerous since it can hit multiple times. The initial hit can knock the player into a place where the line of spikes will hit again. The crystal spikes will be interrupted by obstacles on the ground.

Its is possible (not really helpful) to stand so close to him that you cannot get hit by the circle of spikes around him. Making it easy to deal damage.


The Crystal Brute is slow and there is a large window of opportunity between the attacks. Wait out and dodge the line of spikes and then hit it using the Sword a couple of times, then fall back and use a charged attack.

Another is using the sword upgrade Slash Dash to deal 2 DMG, then using the Shotgun to deal 5 DMG. This leaves the Crystal Brute at 2 HP which you can finish off by; switching to the Pistol, doing another Slash Dash, or just 2 normal Sword attacks. Using the two sword attacks allows you to recharge your Shotgun, and if you do this correctly you can kill the Crystal Brute without taking damage. This is the fastest way to kill them to my knowledge.

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