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Hyper Light Drifter Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Hyper Light Drifter.

This soundtrack was released on April 12, 2016, and is available for purchase from Steam and the composer's website. All tracks are composed by Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland. There are 28 original tracks in total, for a duration of 1:33:45.

Tracks list

# Title Plays Length
1 Vignette: Panacea Ending cutscene 01:43
2 Vignette: Visions Intro Cinematic 03:11
3 Titan Titan theme + underground Intro 02:51
4 Wisdom's Tragedy Pillar theme 02:06
5 Seeds of the Crown Central Town (first half)
Dregs (later half)
6 Vignette: Corruption Trailer 2 01:10
7 The Midnight Wood Crystal Forest surface (close to town) 06:38
8 Gaol in the Deep Crystal Forest underground 03:53
9 The Resonant Canyon Crystal Forest surface (west of warp) 05:19
10 Stasis Awakening Crystal Forest surface (near boss) 04:34
11 The Last General The Hanged Man boss fight 02:57
12 The Winding Ridge Mountains surface 06:12
13 Flock Mountains underground 06:53
14 Cult of the Zealous Mountains underground (first half)
The Hierophant boss fight (later half)
15 Cascades Lake surface (near warp and Titan's sword) 03:25
16 The Refiner's Fire Lake underground 06:07
17 Mycelium Lake underground 06:45
18 Acropolis Falls Lake surface (north) 04:08
19 A Chorus of Tongues Lake underground 06:11
20 The Hermit The Emperor boss fight 03:18
21 The Water Shelf Lake surface (near fountain), Lake underground (8 module door) 04:31
22 Petrichor Barren Hills surface 03:45
23 The Gauntlet Barren Hills underground 16:16
24 The Sentients All Barren Hills boss fights, Sky Factory Gauntlet (first half)
Barren Hills underground (near Titan; later half)
25 The Abyss Abyss area 04:50
26 Chimera Judgement boss fight 05:29
27 Panacea Credits 06:04
28 The Heirloom Last encounter with The Guardian 00:36


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