Broken Shallows
Location Tutorial / Mountains

The Broken Shallows is where The Drifter's journey begins, and where the player learns the basics of the game. It is also the only area where any text is displayed on-screen, as the majority of the game is played through without any dialogue.

Strewn about some screens of this zone are ancient technology, withered away by a mixture of damage and time.

The Pistol is found here, picked up from a Shadow Corpse.

When returning here from the hidden pathways from the Mountains, the player can access the Monolith Gallery.


Given the appearance of the initial area, it tells us that on the surface there was once a civilization of some kind, and that a battle took place here. It is unknown whether this civilization was large or small. One fact is for certain, the Titans attacked this place, as evidenced by a massive blade stuck into the pillars of earth rising from the sea.



  • 1 Health Kit


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