Alternate Drifter

Alternate Drifter Portrait

Alternate Drifter

Name Alternate Drifter
Species Blue-Skinned (This is a speculative statement.)

“ Receive a Kickstarter-only alternative main playable character to destroy and explore with. He might have a variant weapon, glowing eyes, and sinister intentions. ”

The Alternate Drifter is a female character that is unlocked by beating the normal game.

She is a humanoid clad in a wolf skin coat and only has 3 health. However, her main attack is a medium range projectile/beam, which deals AoE damage.

Availability for non-backers

Update #33 - Alternate Drifter Add-On

“This Drifter will have a different move set and primary weapon, as well as some shifts in the story and interactions with NPCs, plus the obvious entirely new set of animations for a main character. (Which is lot of work!)

You'll be able to choose which character to play as at the start of the campaign. This Drifter will be available to all players down the road; what you get here is an early playable unlock. I hope this satisfies.”

On June 22nd, 2017, the Alternate Drifter was made available to all owners of Hyper Light Drifter on Steam, and will be made available for all other platforms at a later date.

In these later versions of the game, the Alternate Drifter can be seen playing with her projectile beam while sitting down on a chair in the Sword Master's Dojo.