In Hyper Light Drifter, the player can pay for abilities and upgrades with Gearbits that allow The Drifter to perform advanced combat and movement techniques, as well as unlock the ability to throw Roly Polys and allow The Drifter to carry more Health Kits. Additionally, the ability to carry more ammunition for The Drifter's guns can be purchased.

Sword Abilities

These upgrades can be learned from the Sword Master in his dojo.

  • This ability can be learned for 3 Gearbit packs.
It allows you to hold the sword button in order to unleash an attack with wide range that deals 5 DMG to any creature.
Not counting The Drifter's close-range shotgun blast, this is their most powerful move, with the ability to attack any surrounding creatures, and in most cases killing them in a single strike.

  • This ability can be learned for 3 Gearbit packs.
Nearly any projectile can be reflected using the sword button after purchasing this upgrade.
It is especially useful for dealing with multiple out-of-range enemies.

  • This ability can be learned for 3 Gearbit packs.
After pressing the sword button and then immediately the dash button, The Drifter will perform a dash-through technique that deals 2 DMG in the range between the starting point and the end point of the movement.

Movement Abilities

These upgrades can be purchased from the Dash Master at the Dash Arena.

  • This ability can be learned for 3 Gearbit packs.
Within certain frames, The Drifter can dash multiple times in quick succession when pressing the dash button after purchasing this upgrade. It is highly recommended for some Achievements, and can make exploring much quicker.
Beware, however, of chaining together three dashes, as The Drifter will slide along the ground as a result of such quick movement, occasionally resulting in slamming against obstacles or falling down pitfalls. The slide will increase in distance with the more dashes that are chained.

  • This ability can be learned for 3 Gearbit packs.
When purchasing this ability, The Drifter can activate unknown technology that generates an energy-type, diamond-shaped shield which dissolves any projectiles at the beginning of a dash.
The shield is automatically activated when dashing towards projectiles.

  • This ability can be learned for 3 Gearbit packs.
A Dash Strike can be performed when the player presses the dash button and immediately the attack button. It is a powerful move that deals above 2 points of DMG or more.
After impaling any enemy, they receive knockback that can deal extra DMG upon contact with any obstacle. It can also be used to knock away grouped enemies off of platforms or cliffs, causing them to fall and perish.

Roly Poly

  • The Roly Poly can be purchased for 2 Gearbit packs.
  • Its upgrade costs 3 Gearbit packs.

This weapon is essentially a grenade that has an AoE (Area of Effect) which can kill many enemies at a small distance from The Drifter. They can be used infinitely, but they require a good deal of time (70 seconds) to recharge before being used again. Two upgrades are available. The first unlocks the Roly Poly, and the second allows you to carry a second grenade.

Gun Upgrades

Each firearm in Hyper Light Drifter can be given more ammo by purchasing upgrades from The Bandit at the Weapons Shop. The ammunition available to be carried depends on the weapon.

Health Upgrades

  • 1st upgrade: 4 Health Kits for 3 Gearbit packs.
  • 2nd upgrade: 5 Health Kits for 3 Gearbit packs.

By default, The Drifter can carry 3 Health Kits at any time. With these upgrades, purchased from The Apothecary at their shop, the player may carry up to 5 Health Kits.

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