02/11/2016 - Fast Collision

Hi everyone,

Our Fast Collision change is now live, along with a few bug fixes. If you spot any issues with the build, please send an email to support@heart-machine.com detailing the problem along with your hardware specs and OS.

If this update is disruptive for you, you can switch to the 'last_update' branch to go back to our last stable 60FPS build. The 'stable_30fps' branch is also still available.


  • fixed intro hallucination playing in NG+
  • fixed various weapon swap crashes

To switch to a different branch:

  1. Right click on Hyper Light Drifter in your Steam Library
  2. Click on "Properties"
  3. Click on the "BETAS" tab
  4. Click the drop down menu and select the desired branch
  5. Click the "close" button and your game should start updating immediately