12/10/2016 - 60FPS Release

Hi everyone,

Many thanks to those of you who submitted bug reports that helped us fix remaining problems with our new update. After much public testing over the past weeks, we think it's time to put the 60fps build live.

In pushing this live we hope for more feedback related to performance. If you see that the game has any performance issues:

  • Try toggling the 'vsync' option in the settings menu.
  • Try switching to the 'fastcollision' branch, which has experimental performance changes.

And please send an email to support@heart-machine.com detailing the issue along with your hardware specs and OS. We appreciate reports about performance degrading or improving, as we are trying to gauge the viability of the 'fastcollision' changes.

We will continue to update with tweaks and fixes as we receive feedback.

If this build is disruptive for you and you want to go back to the stable 8/4/2016 build, you can do so by switching to the 'stable_30fps' branch.

To switch to a different branch:

  1. Right click on Hyper Light Drifter in your Steam Library
  2. Click on "Properties"
  3. Click on the "BETAS" tab
  4. Click the drop down menu and select the desired branch
  5. Click the "close" button and your game should start updating immediately

Thanks again for your feedback. We'll be responding to feedback as quickly as possible.