08/10/2016 - Framerate Sleuthing

Hello folks,

After our Fast Collision beta, we received a number of reports from people who experienced increased performance, as well as some people who experienced a decrease in performance. Strangely, we have received performance complaints throughout the 60FPS beta from users whose machines should be up to spec.

We have created two separate builds to try to narrow down these framerate issues.

If you try 'next_update' and have framerate issues, switch to 'fastcollision' and send an email to support@heart-machine.com describing what happens, along with your hardware specs.

Additionally, if 'fastcollision' gave you framerate issues but the new 'next_update' build does not, please send us an email.

Please also let us know if you are using any graphics driver override settings, such as forced vsync.

Thanks for helping us figure this out.