05/10/2016 - 'Next Update': More 60FPS beta fixes

Hello everyone,

We're back with another round of 60fps beta fixes. We'd like to once again thank everyone who took the time to send us bug reports.


  • fixed issue where newcomer mode would remain active if player started a newcomer game and then immediately started a new game in a different mode
  • fixed falling off of elevators
  • fixed NPCs only animating once
  • fixed missing NPCs
  • fixed rare case where vanishing door would not vanish
  • fixed being able to dash during cutscenes
  • fixed being able to pan the map while it was auto-panning
  • fixed upgrade preview speed
  • fixed health being set incorrectly when spawning a co-op buddy
  • fixed chain dash not respecting the dash direction setting with mouse+keyboard controls
  • fixed some erroneous collisions
  • fixed enemies falling off of moving platforms
  • fixes for various rate of fire and projectile behaviors
  • potential fix for vanishing scenery when switching framerate
  • potential fix for framerate not being properly set to 60fps in certain cases

Known Issues:

  • player is sometimes teleported during cutscenes in co-op mode
  • player 2 ammo and bomb count gets reset when moving to new room in co-op mode
  • west boss body sometimes respawns if you return to the room after defeating him

Please continue to send bug reports to support@heart-machine.com if you have problems. It's especially helpful to include your hardware and OS with your bug report. Thanks!