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• 5/6/2016

Co-op Update!

We just updated the game with local co-op!


  • You’ll need at least one controller - p1 can use KBM, p2 controller, or you can both use your own controllers.
  • To turn on co-op on, enter the pause menu, select “settings”, and the first option will be “Co-Op” to switch on or off.
  • You won’t earn achievements while playing in co-op.

Send any bugs or feedback to info@heart-machine.com.


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• 3/18/2017

Please add online coop, i just bought the game today cause steam said it had both COOP and Local COOP. I respect you guys a lot and that's why i won't say much by it. I lost the money of two games that i bought because i can't play it with my friend online, it's really not a nice move to put COOP on steam and not be COOP.

Let me know about any dates or anything, cause if i'll have to wait, i'll wait, but as of now the game is just gonna sit there and do nothing cause i don't wanna spoil myself or my friend for that matter.

• 4/20/2017

It won't have online Co-op. The label on steam was an error and will likely be revised soon.

• 12/9/2017

Man, do it need to be a new game so i can open coop ? I playing the easiest mode and can't even open coop - i play 9 hours through that save btw

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